Who we are

The Asian Chemical Fiber Industries Federation (ACFIF) was established in 1996, to ensure that representatives of chemical fiber manufacturers in Asia will discuss issues of common concern, to place their future activities on a desirable path toward coexistence and coprosperity, and to make management decisions based on "macro-level" information, eventually leading to the creation of a new friendly and harmonious relationship in the Asian chemical fiber industry.
The ACFIF consists of representative associations from nine countries/region – China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Chinese Taipei.
The chairman is rotated among the member countries/region alphabetically. The current chairman is the president of Japan Chemical Fibers Association.

Member countries/region

China China Chemical Fibers Association (CCFA)
India Association of Synthetic Fibre Industry (ASFI)
Indonesia Indonesian Fiber And Filament Yarn Makers Association (APSyFI)
Japan Japan Chemical Fibers Association (JCFA)
Korea Korea Chemical Fibers Association (KCFA)
Malaysia Malaysian Textile Manufacturers Association (MTMA)
Pakistan Polyester Staple Fibre Manufacturers Group (PSFMG)
Chinese Taipei Taiwan Man-made Fiber Industries Association (TMMFA)
Thailand Thai Man-Made Fiber Industries Association (TMFA)

What we do

1. The ACFIF Conference

The ACFIF holds the ACFIF Conference every two years. The last one was held online in April, 2022.
The members make presentations on challenges of Asia’s chemical fiber industry, for example, mid-term outlook of supply and demand for chemical fibers of the world, trade issues, environmental issues, and technical/application developments. Sustainability is a key current issue.

Please click here to learn about the history of the conference.

2. Works for sustainability

Shifting to a resource circulation model and working on measures to address climate change are pressing matters for the Asian chemical fiber industry to realize a sustainable society.
The ACFIF has put together in the position paper in the 13th ACFIF Conference Part I, and in the joint communique in Part II, to record the progress of such sustainability efforts, recognize the challenges, and identify the areas of understanding and cooperation we seek from governments, related industries and consumers.

Please click here to get the joint communique and the position paper.

Global chemical fiber production

Asia makes up 90% of the global chemical fiber production.
Chemical fiber production by ACFIF members continues to grow, and accounted for around 90% of global chemical fiber production in 2021.